School of Business Administration

Bachelor of Accountancy offers a curriculum which has been approved by the Federation of Accounting Professions. It emphasizes knowledge,  the role of an accountant, and the responsibility that comes with it in the business world.

This program can be finished in three and a half years. Along the way, our students are encouraged to join the study tours and competitions, led by expert lecturers in accounting, which will give them long-term experiences that is certain to benefit them beyond their college years.

This degree is available in both the regular program, Thai language and an English program. The core subjects allow students to explore aspects of business management while developing

their critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and problem solving skills. It also encourages students to develop their communication and management skills so that they will be able to successfully enter companies or start their own enterprises.

Our students can carry out their special projects and take part in internships which will introduce them to real-life business situations. Third language acquisition is also another option for students who want to pursue their career beyond national borders.