School of Engineering

The Computer Engineering program is for those who are interested in computer science and its elements. This degree emphasizes developing computer software programs and hardware. Students will also learn both theory and how to channel their knowledge into practical uses.

Every student will receive their own “electronic notebook” as well as be able to participate in an internship at many well-known organizations of their choice. This will enable our students to explore their areas of interest for further career enhancement in their future profession.

The Electrical and Energy Engineering program combines knowledge of energy technology and engineering in order for students to pursue the new dynamics of “sustainable energy” engineering. The core education of this program also involves the awareness of energy conservation and sustainability and how they affect human society and our planet as a whole.

This degree focuses on producing graduates who are well-versed in energy technology and electrical energy technology from solar cell technology to biomass energy technology and renewable energy areas of study. It offers theoretical and practical courses that improve our students’ adaptability with the cooperation of Department of Energy Development and Efficiency. Our students will also get the opportunity to do internships with influential public and private sector organizations.