School of Liberal Arts

This is a degree program for those who enjoy travelling and studying the differences in traditions, cultures, and values throughout the world. The curriculum is carefully structured to address the needs of the increasing number of tourists coming to Thailand. It encompasses various trainings in  language, communication, and practical skills that are needed in the tourism industry.

Our students will be prepared for their careers by engaging in projects that allow them to do an entire travel plan which includes an opportunity to go to the actual tourist site. This program, by introducing them toevery angle of their work life, will help build up their confidence so that they are better able to deal with challenges that are inherit in the tourism profession.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business English is uniquely designed for students who want to master English communication skills in the business area. It provides a variety of courses for students, focusing on improving their English skills in speaking, reading, and business writing, which will effectively contribute to their future career successes and life beyond graduation.

Our students will have the opportunity to do internships with famous organizations and also a chance to study abroad in Malaysia for a four month period. Students can also choose to learn a third language, for instance, French, Chinese, or Japanese, as an option for their minor subjects.

The Chinese Studies program offers a wide range of subjects related to Chinese culture and all around Chinese language skill development. It aims to develop students’ Chinese ability in writing, speaking, adaptability, and creative thinking. It also aims to build an understanding across cross-cultural areas, such as the diversity of traditions, economics, and societies.

The scope of this program covers various aspects. There are extra-curriculum activities, such as singing contestsand speech contests, which encourage students to make the most out of their studies. This will permit them to fulfill their potential under the supervision of both Thai and Chinese lecturers who have acquired qualifications and broad experiences from the top universities in China.

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Japanese is set to develop students’ proficiency in using Japanese for business – be it tourism industry, hotel industry, or aviation industry. It also focuses on the awareness and appreciation of the difference between cultures as well as the “systems” of society.

In this degree, our students will learn effective communication skills from the native speakers who have experience in teaching and working in Japanese companies. With the collaboration from several universities in Japan, students will have opportunity to enter exchange student programs in Japan for four months to enhance their overall Japanese language skills and make use of their knowledge in a real environment.