School of Nursing

The Bachelors of Nursing Science program at EAU offers courses in two languages – Thai and English, with the concentration on both theory and practical experience. Students will have in-depth lectures by expert health and academic professionals in state-of-the art laboratory settings that are up to global specifications.

With the approval of Nursing and Midwifery Council, this degree encourages each student to perform well in both academic excellence and moral conduct. This program will also provide various opportunities, such as a study tours or internships at accredited hospitals. Ultimately, after graduation, everyone will get accepted for a one month work program at the hospital. This will enhance our students’ experiences and knowledge in real life work situations.

This program was approved for accreditation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in 2007. Ever since it opened, it has been a very popular program at EAU. It is designed for students who have the desire to help and support patients in clinics and hospitals.

For one year, students study courses in nursing theory and practical training in a modern laboratory, fully equipped with tools and scientific instruments that helps prepare them for real-life hospital situations. At the end of the program, every graduate will get accepted to work in a public or private hospital for one month.