School of Pharmacy ​

Since 2011, this program has been accepting students with the aim of producing well-rounded pharmacists who not only gain the professional knowledge and skills in the field of pharmacy, but also who have professional ethics and awareness of responsibilities towards society. There are two majors’ streams available for our students:

Pharmaceutical Care Stream: this stream emphasizes the ability to take care of patients in pharmacies or hospitals.

Industrial Pharmacy Stream: this stream mainly focuses on doing research and developing new medicines and formulas.

All students will have access to the university’s laboratories, including modern tools and scientific equipment. The program also provides internship opportunities for students of over 2,000 hours of training, according to the Pharmacy Council, in collaboration with many famous institutions and companies, such as HRH Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn Medical Center, R.X. Manufacturing Co., and Ltd, Bushu Pharmaceuticals Ltd., to name a few.

The Bachelor of Science in Cosmetic Science and Health Product is designed to produce graduates who are knowledgeable in cosmetic science, applied research, and pharmaceutical technology, and determine to improve the quality of human life. It explores a combination of knowledge and skills that will be useful to our students in their future career endeavors.

This 4-year degree program focuses on developing cosmetic products as well as health products. It also offers students both theoretical and practical experiences in the university’s laboratories which boast of state-of-the-art and modern equipment with cutting edge technology. This allows our students to fully comprehend and immerse themselves in the whole cosmetic science process. Through the end of the program, every student is eligible to do an internship with renowned scientific or health clinics as a part of their studies.